On the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea
There are 50 ton stones 30 feet in length known as the Giant Ija
The likes of which rival the biggest collection of megalithic ruins found anywhere

After a cataclysmic event the builders and residents of the island disappeared
A subterranean humanoid race called the Deros
Came to occupy the labyrinth of tunnels under Malta
That connects to the vast network of passageways and chambers in the hollow earth

The Deros are cannibalistic giants who enjoy eating human flesh
They have elongated heads and white hairy bodies

A popular tourist attraction under the above ground temple complex is the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum
It is a remarkable engineering feat with 3 massive superimposed levels linked to other tunnels

The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum has a section known as the Oracle Room which produces the Voice of God
The Oracle Room resonates sound at 111 hertz known as the god frequency due to its effect on the human brain
Voices become powerfully magnified and the human psyche is transposed into higher states of consciousness

Formerly tours went below the 3 main levels
Once a very curious lady and her friends got permission from the tour guide
To wonder off into a dark tunnel that adjoined to the lowest level

Struggling slowly through the thick darkness with a meager light they came to a high overlook
Where they looked below and witnessed the Deros marching in line
They were humming rhythmically together as if in one consciousness

When the Deros became aware of the ladies presence they snapped their fingers
And slowly motioned to the ladies with their hands
Beckoning them to come forth

Fear overcame the ladies inquisitiveness and they quickly turned around

Another notable incident was when a group of 30 schoolchildren and their teachers disappeared during a tour
Pleas to authorities for an underground search went unheeded

The ardent appeals only resulted in a pronouncement
That boulders had fallen blocking the tunnels and making them inaccessible
And the area was cordoned off

Wailing and screaming were heard coming from the underground for weeks afterward
But then gradually became silent

The lower level entrance ways to the Cavern World were sealed off
And tours now only go down to the first 2 levels

A culture of secrecy is being maintained on the island of Malta
And its covert mysteries are actively being guarded!