We are much more than the stories we tell ourselves
We are the sum of our experiences
And the essence of what we can still become

To reconnect to the natural flow of your internal nature
You need to heal your inner child

It is a sacred mission that reopens your connection with joy
Joy is a powerful vessel that grounds your high frequency energies
And reinstates the miraculous workings of love

You become comforted into present awareness
Into the here and now
And you gain a clearer reflection of divine truth

The consciousness of love will spread all over the world
And awaken a deep visceral renaissance

Love will attune you to frequencies previously unknown
In the broader spectrum of existence

Challenge the narrative designed to keep you compliant
Stand in your totality and reclaim the sovereignty of your soul
Delete the insecurities and fears that are programmed in you

Rise above the deception that surrounds you
And have unwavering faith in the light that guides you

Interpret the messages whispered in the dark
And keep vigilant of narratives that keep you perpetually fragmented

Do not resign yourself to a life stripped of choice
To a mundane resignation of rules and regulations
Designed to serve a purpose far removed from the human heart

Set by unseen overlords and shadowy figures
Who lurk behind the opaque windows of towering institutions
Who engage in formless whispers in legislative halls

Who exploit their understanding of human psychology
Whose charm is a facade
And there is no genuine warmth

Mirrors falter in their presence
Casting back warped images that no human could compose
But instead are contorted shadows of entities that move in other dimensions

Beings that do not reveal their true nature
And whose real features remain unnoticed to the human eye!