When thought takes the form of inspired action
It creates a powerful synergy

When you focus on your abundance
You invite greater abundance into your life

When you focus on your lack
That is what will surround you

Invite your vision into your reality
By feeling the elevated state of having it

Words and emotions carry energy and vibration
Choose words and engage in conversation that uplift and inspire

Let go of the program of worry
Keep the life force flowing without interference

Allow the deep peace that resides at the core or your being
To transcend the emotions that cause anxiety

Thoughts are currents of electrons imbued with information that ripple through the realm of the unseen
They are an electronic control switch that determine your experience

Free flowing electrons make an electric current
The quantum world of plasma conducts electricity

We are electrical beings in an electrical universe
The electric current of your thoughts and emotions are the keys
Which will open the portal of transformation

Universal energy sustains all things
Through free will it intimately connects the inner state of your mind with the divine

The conscious universe will produce guideposts of synchronicity
Which are meaningful coincidences
That bind you with the vastness of the living cosmos

We are part of the free flowing web of existence

Align yourself with a high and noble cause
And you will align yourself with the universe

Thoughts and intention are the seeds that lay the foundation of your reality
Watch how they flourish in your life!