Your higher self is a coherent cascade of harmonics
Reaching into higher frequencies

When all your molecules shift their vibration to synchronized modalities
It creates a specific symphony of singular frequency rotation

When in tune you can expect all aspects of your life
To resonate with a self organized higher order

Your body is a vibrating geometry of frequency waves
When it is a pure vessel it gives a code of geometry
That resonates to a higher level timeline

ETs look for humans who can make that phone call to their higher self

During ascension your DNA braids implosively and starts to assemble
Charge acceleration produces the recursive golden ratio
Which enables conjugate construction of phase velocities

Superluminal longitudinal charge waves create the perfect golden spire
Sacrocranial tidal frequencies give you a centripetal force current

Your mind breath and emotions together with the frequency of the earth produce alchemizing forces
And your aura is put into a phase shift

The specific resonant frequency produces a state of bliss
As pure Source Energy is encountered

This can remedy any pathogen illness or distortion in the body

By embedding longitudinal waves into your bioelectric field or plasma toroid
You reach a phase conjugate fractality

Which is a perfect charge distribution!