It is never safe
To be around the vaccinated

The vaccine has HIV fragments
Which carry the Corona virus
In a single strand sequence of messenger RNA

The enzyme integrase
Integrates it into the nucleus of the cell
With the host DNA

The enzyme reverse transcriptase
Produces a complimentary RNA
Which goes on to effect other cells

This new chimeric DNA
Expresses multitudes of new never seen before viral proteins
Called Spike proteins

These move through the vascular system
Into the brain
Resulting in the destruction of platelets
And the degeneration of neurons

The immune system has to constantly fight spike proteins

It also has to fight off viruses
That have been injected by past vaccinations

Viruses hide and mutate to escape detection

This will overwhelm the immune system
Causing a cytokine storm

It is all by design

The DNA change will leave the soul desolate

By Fall the vaccine will be mandatory
Because of a fake resurgence

And there will be planned shortages
And a severe lockdown

The internet will also probably go out
In the upcoming cyber drill

And will later be accessed only
By those who are genetically marked by the vaccine
Which is the Mark of the Beast