Understand the magic of the universe
And orchestrate the elevation of your frequency

Thoughts steeped in purity
Intentions crystallized in wisdom
And actions resonating in love
Raises your frequency

Replace the dissonant chords of fear and doubt
With inner peace and knowledge

If you want to communicate with high vibrational intelligence
Then send out high vibrational waves

Resonant fields will synchronize
And telepathic exchange will flow through the ether unencumbered
Regardless of distance or dimension

Script the narrative of your existence
And amplify the energy that fuels a quantum leap

Thoughts direct the flow of energy
Which influences the outcomes we experience

Tap into the limitless power of the universe
And unleash a chain of events that propel you toward your dreams

Let the cosmos weave its intricate patterns
And allow it to align your path with unforeseen opportunities and synchronicities
Appreciate the beauty of the unexpected

When we are grateful
Our hearts remain optimistic and hopeful

Make peace with your own imperfections
Self acceptance is the first step toward breaking free
From the chains of self imposed limitations

Override outdated programming
Install new patterns aligned with your aspirations

Anchor your attention on your desired state
Focus on the end result that you wish for

Create a vibrational match between your inner state
And the external circumstance you want to attract

The alignment of energies sets into motion
A series of synchronicities and serendipities that pave the way
To the realization of your deepest desires!