Earth is going to a new timeline
But you will have to have the right vibration to see it

Dense negative frequencies will be harder to project into the new structure
Positive vibrational sequences will manifest easier

Your blood resonates to specific frequencies
Being on a fruit diet has the highest frequencies
Being a carnivore has the lowest frequencies

Do not mix fruits and vegetables
Because they have different vibrational structures
And it is hard on your body to assimilate them together

Distilled water has a strong vibrational sequence
And helps to decalcify the pineal gland

If you continually project your very best
You will manifest a positive vibration for yourself

Everything you say and do
Will be used by the universe to shape your projection

Empower other people and you empower yourself

Talk positive
Your consciousness expands into the reality of others

If you shift to a negative frequency
It is where archons exist

If you disengage with compassion
You become robotic

If you rise above the deception that tries to manipulate you
Then you have made it

ETs take negative realities
And try and merge them with your reality
To bring down your vibration
So that they can use your energy

A negative consciousness creates a negative timeline

Whatever happens here has a ripple effect throughout the universe

Benevolent ETs will drop in souls called Walk ins
To raise the level of awareness
And free humanity

Train yourself to focus on the positive
And that is what you will project
And that is what you will create
And that is what your reality will be!