Our world is a stationary plane
It is exactly what we experience

If we were on a spinning orbiting globe racing through space
We would observe it and feel it

The circumpolar stars revolve above us around the north pole
And return to their exact place every year

If we were on a moving ball the angle of perception of the starry sky would change
And our observation of the stars would never return to what it was the previous year

We live in the center of a double torus universe
With a revolving sky empowered by the movement of current

The current drifts through the magnetic north pole
And is an ascension point to alternate worlds

The flow of current is a universal vortex
As increased plasma flows in
Smaller vortexes are created

This is causing some animals to walk around in circles
Like walking around the Kabba in Mecca

Carousels were built by the preceding Tartarian empire
They are wheels of transformation that carry our souls

Our minds are organic circuitry
And our brains our hard drive computers that update software

If we do not have a strong magnetic field
We can become slaves of a frequency

Make your own vibrant and powerful frequency sound
And be an autonomous creator

The momentum of your thoughts can shift you to higher vibrational patterns
Which will put you in a different fractal of modality

Override external frequencies with your consciousness
And project a positive reality!