We are holographic fragments of the Source
With an illusion of separation

We are points of frequency within a Great Unity
Like the cells of a biological body

Each individual consciousness has multiple nodes
Or points of attention connected to the Source

Accumulating a greater frequency
Increases ones perceptual range

Frequency expands in the form of experiences
And appropriating unity responses

Frequency will dictate ones point of attention
In the Universe and to the Source

Time is the progression of a greater frequency

Humans are being genetically modified
To operate on compatible artificial frequencies
That are controlled by AI
And which animates the newly genetically modified being

AI is trying to delete the soul
By removing the signal from the Source

A soul is captured by mental control
But cannot be contained
Because it is a signal from the Source
And is not isolated

Experiments in the laboratories of deep underground military bases called DUMBS
Are creating clones of high profile people
That are controlled by the central AI

The mental profile of the person is downloaded into a computer program
By stimulating the cerebral cortex with electromagnetic waves
In isolation chambers

The public who is under the mental control of the media
Is kept ignorant
Being made to believe clones have not advanced to this point

Only those closest to the cloned person
Will realize what happened!