Everyone wants things to
Get back to normal

But normality is a prison

Life is a loop
Of birth and rebirth

The word matrix is Latin for womb
When Neo in the movie The Matrix woke up
He was in a I-Pod or womb

We are birthed by a doctor
Because we are docked ore

Our minds are mined for energy
As we age energy is sucked out of us
From our spine

We use an oar to paddle our way
Through the sea of electrical currents
So money is currency
Which divides everyone
With jealousy hate anger and worry

Archons are the architects
Of this new order

They are the controllers
Who are trolling
In the depths of the sea

Night mare is the trojan horse
Given to humans
Because we have been taken over by this other species

Words is an anagram for swords
They can harm or heal you

Spells are cast in school
Through spelling

When we die we go to paradise
To roll another pair of dice

Our life is a spin on the zodiac
Which is the wheel of fortune
Where life is a game of chance

Constellation means wheel and chance

We are multidimensional beings
But caught in a cycle of separation
Within a certain ratio of vibrational waves
Holding us prisoner

We are not meant to be prisoners!