Awareness of higher dimensional realities
And future aspects of self
Puts the mind into a higher frequency band

This will accrete light frequencies
From the unified field
Into your personal auric light body

This energy will imprint the vibration
Of your current thought process
And connect you to your higher frequency band match

Imprints of your thought form patterns
Will continue to leave an energetic influence on your timeline

When we dwell on unpleasant past memories and experiences
It sinks the consciousness into the lower dimensions of your previous awareness
That is underneath your current timeline
Which will cause energy blockages

Old frequency patterns karmic imprints and shadow selves need to be released
Which will elevate and restructure our consciousness and life direction

This purging can actually bring chaos to our life
We need to control and redirect the energies
Through harmonious thought patterns
Of self love and self acceptance

As we embody more light
We synchronize ourselves with the highest possible outcome

To reach our highest self
We must honor and respect all life
You cannot love animals and eat them at the same time

We must also recognize harmful forces
That are intentionally creating thoughtforms
That normalize abusive behavior
And the negative ego

Because a false narrative of reality is promoted
Through propaganda and assorted mind control
Humans are constantly being devolved

Our souls are meant to be a vibrational match
To the organizing creative life force

An anti human anti soul agenda against us is being pursued

Installing a predator mind system of a warring and divided species
That participates in a death culture
And which supports blood sacrifice

This creates genetic mutations and causes energy blockages
Preventing spiritual ascension
By stealing our dignity and purity

If you believe voting Democrat of Republican matters
Then you have bought into the divide and conquer strategy
And you are polarized on matters that are insignificant

Religious leaders are used to trick people
And hijack them of their own spiritual guidance system

When the veil is lifted
And reality bubbles are burst
As human DNA is expanded to higher dimensional frequencies
Our original angelic humanity
Is recreated upon the Earth!