Stonehenge had a special geomatic design
Which opened the crystalline network
And circulated harmonious healing energy

It was destroyed so that stolen life energy
Especially sexual misery energy could be harvested

Great Britain is the main energy center for energy harvesting
subsidiary networks are in Asia Iran Calgary and Cathar in France

All energy is routed to the United Kingdom
For distribution off earth

By manipulating the electron proton balance
That promote anti life reversals
Psychopaths and sexual predators are created
As well as hatred and confusion

Emotional pain leads to destructive behaviors
Which feeds parasitic entities

Trauma leads to addictions which weaken the body
Setting up a lifetime of siphoning by alien forces

Our inherit design is to expand consciousness
Instilling an energetic balance and healing
To both of our male and female aspects
Of our gender principle that exists inside of us
Expressing unconditional love for our own bodies

Child sexual abuse damages the inner circulatory system of the perineum
Causing spiritual fractions of the victims aura
Which affects the nervous system and the bio neurology of the brain

Collecting negative sexual energy from children
Is the holy grail for sustaining negative entities
And which also powers up the battery tank in the black magic grids

In 1899 on the misty shores of Loch Ness in Northern Scotland
Aleister Crowley who was a high level Satanist
Bought the Boleskin House which was a former church
Churches were usually built on high energy ley lines

He would perform the 6 month long ritual from the Book of Abram Elin
Called the Abermelon Ceremony
Of summoning demons sacrifices black masses and sexual depravity

In 1971 Jimmy Page the lead guitarist for the British band Led Zeppelin
Bought the house
He was a lifelong fan of Crowley
And believed his venture into Satanism benefited his music career

Doors would suddenly swing open as if someone was walking through
Housemaids and workmen would leave after a day or two

People were carted off to mental hospitals
And some committed suicide and murder

Jimmy Page sold the house in 1992
And it became a hotel

People reported waking up between 2AM and 3AM
There would be a light and a shadow would appear at the bedroom door
And it would start shaking violently

Guests would sense some entity trying to get into them
As word got out the hotel did not last long!