There is a dimensional war
Or timeline resonance competition in the laminar flow
For more soul energy migration into different timelines

Future human ET societies have traveled back in time
To save the human race

The moon is holographic projection pretending to be a moon
If you zoom in you can easily see clouds going behind it

The impossible heliocentric globe model
Causes people to abandon the evidence of their senses
And become the cult following of pseudo scientists from the Illuminati high priest class

Who want you to believe you are just a neophyte with low comprehension skills
That has no choice but to blindly believe them

When one is uprooted from their true foundation and given false bearings
They are easily led to further deceptions

When one is deceived on something so fundamental
As where they came from and what they live on they lose their purpose

But when one has the epiphany to see through it
Their common sense is affirmed and they develop critical thinking
This adds a spiritual dimension and cures existential apathy

It is holistically helpful and truly transformational
It ignites a yearning for discovery
And helps one see the disempowering egregious lies of manipulation

When you are able to see the outside world as it actually is
You no longer are only able to watch the shadows
Cast on the wall by the puppet masters

But you become a potent force able to distinguish the lies
With the easily demonstrable and empirically evidenced facts of reality!