Cannons were sound frequency modulators
To harmonize the atmospheric vibrations

Sound frequency has been weaponized
And is responsible for much of the
And sandification of our environment

Sound frequency waves are also responsible for past mass depopulation

The first reset was around 1300
With the stolen Arc of the Covenant
Which was a frequency resonator
In the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza

Comets come through holes in the plasma dome

People can now be grown from skin cells
In ectogenesis chambers

Signs and wonders are coming
Through invisible holographic technology

UFO trains in Texas and Montana are examples

A mirror globe will produce a solid 3-D Image of the Beast

Arms bent with palms out
Symbolizes Molech and the act of being sacrificed and cloned

The Judas Pose is a hanged man with crossed legs
Symbolizing the ascension into a higher synthetic body

It is commenced by a fake car crash of a famous person

A Survivor is code for completing the ritual

Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz are used to denote people
Who are now reprogrammed with trigger responses
Obama had an Alice in Wonderland party

911 traumatized America
Putting them under MK Ultra mind control

Mercury is an energy attractor
Marie Curry is Mer-cury
And is part of the false paradigm

So is the idea that 7 million slaves were imported from Africa
Black people were already in America

The order of upcoming events are
Economic collapse
Revealing of a synthetic superhuman called the Anti Christ
Switch to Diem cryptocurrency
Then when a certain amount of the population has been vaccinated
A 5G frequency will be turned on
And the latent or dormant ingredients of the vaccine will be activated

HAARP with its trillion watt lasers
Mixing with synthetic chemicals from chemtrails
Are responsible for the synthetic snow in Texas

The Abaddon Gate is a portal which joins all dimensions
CERN cannot open it
But smaller portals are being opened
Certain frequencies can also open portals

The plan is to have humans eat insects
Since they have convinced people to eat the rotting flesh of animals
Then they can also convince people to eat bugs

Take iodine for radiation
Hawaiian spirulina for nano tech infiltration
And magnetic clay such as French Green Clay or Bentonite clay for heavy metal detox

Hemp could conquer world hunger as well as other problems

Ships and airplanes are being destroyed to separate people

There were 33 levels or toroids of the Cosmic Serpent or Kundalini
Which was the twisting electrical current on the Universal Axis
That stretched up to Saturn in the previous sky

The Kundalini Spirit went up to the third eye
Venus was the Eye of Saturn
And Mars was the Apple of the Eye
Because they went into alignment at certain periods
As they hovered close to our earth plane

3 AM is the Devils hour

There are also 33 levels of the spine
The Cosmic serpent was also called The Backbone of Heaven

33 is the number of an upper level Mason