This mysterious Latin phrase
Reads the same
Horizontally vertically backwards and forward

It is used as a spell or charm
An appeal for help
To the one that controls all our endeavors
And all the fortune of chances that befall us

This anagram is found all over the world

It can be translated as
The Grand Sower who holds in his hands the wheels
Or the Creator who holds the working of the sphere in his hands

Also when you add the numerical value of each letter
And then add the two digits of the sum
You will get 10 which is 1 when you drop the zero

The Grand Sower or Creator is Saturn
Who in his innermost sanctum in the heavens
Radiated the Central Fire

The Wheel of Heaven
Was the radiance of the goddess Venus
Which was the headdress of the Warrior King who was Mars
The Crown of Antiochus or Apollo

The displacement of the divine planetary powers
Produced the dove tail or date palm of Venus
Which was also the Hand of God

The outstretched Hand of God held the Venus orb

The radiance of the Venus goddess
Produced the Rosette or Plant of Life

When Venus was centered on the solar disk of Saturn
It was the central cyclopean eye
And Mars was the pupil of the eye

The eye of Zeus flashed lightning

At this time also it produced the sun cross
The cross was the 4 streams of life
And the 4 rivers which emanated from the same source

This is where the ailing Mars god sacrificed himself
And renewed himself on the Eternal Flame

Jesus was patterned after Zeus