In late October the sun and moon will have moved to Libra from Virgo

Scorpio will be ready to sting

A black sun will appear
Achieved through advanced technology

The black sun was an apparition of Saturn in the former age
Darkened diagonal rays extended from the primary
It is worshipped by the occult

On October 25 there will be a full moon
And another fabricated eclipse

A projection made to look like an asteroid
Will collide with a comet
Comets are manufactured objects

The comet will detonate
There will be an explosion
And a big flash in the sky

It will appear like the comet split into many parts
Scattering in different directions

A fragment of the comet will be made to look like
It is flying towards Earth

Attention will suddenly shift towards the comet fragment now asteroid
Special announcements will appear on TV

Saying an asteroid is streaming in our direction
And has the potential of hitting Earth

Liars from NASA will use pseudoscience to explain the manufactured events

A collision of comets or asteroids was the same scenario they used to explain
The extinction of the fake dinosaurs

The asteroid belt is as real as the fake Oort Cloud
Which is the place where comets are supposed to come from

They will say that another large fragment is heading towards the sun
And will collide with it on October 28

When the fragment supposedly hits the sun
There will be 3 days of darkness

This is achieved by the sun simulator
That is in front of our sun
The sun is small and local

Meanwhile on earth they will crank up the 5G
Which will set off the zombie apocalypse!