Mercury is a divine geometric fractal
It is interdimensional and conscious

Mercury transits when it passes in front of the sun
And has a cycle of 88 days when it returns to its previous position

It means splendor
Because it was a resplendent bright luminary hovering close to the earth plane

It also means messenger because it traveled the north celestial pole toward the earth plane
It was the twin brother of Mars
It was Abel who got slain by Cain

In the House of God or Sephirah it was number 8 and was called Hod

Venus has a 225 day cycle
Her day is Friday which is named after Freya the Norse Goddess

Today Venus has a steady silvery light
Formerly she was Green and her metal was copper

Because of her bright green color she was the Goddess of Agriculture
She emanated the Garden of Eden

Venus is the origin for the stories of Mary Magdalene Jezebel and Cleopatra

The Mayan Dresden Codex measured Venus cycles
Which ended in a celestial cataclysmic flood or plasma discharge

She would find her rightful place upon the Tree of Life
Of which there are 27 paths

Mars has a cycle of 687 days

When it has a conjunction with the sun
It forms a perfect pentagram of fractals in the sky

Mars has a color of red
And its metal is iron

It is 5 in the Sephiroth
And it is Christ the Judge

The color of Jupiter is Blue and its metal is tin
The color of Saturn is black and its metal is lead
Saturn is the God of Genesis

Uranus takes 87 years to move around the ecliptic
Neptune takes 165 years
Pluto takes 248 years

Theses 3 are dimmer and slower
But not because of distance

There are no rocky planets
No spherical planets
No gas giants

They are not millions of miles away

All planets vibrate and resonate energy

They are the gods of this realm!