According to Ezekial, women were lamenting the death of the god Tammuz on the rooftops of Jerusalem. The great Christian theologian Origen of Alexander equates Tammuz with Adonis. Adonis was famous for his good looks.  Aphrodite (Venus) also known as the Queen of Heaven loved him and lamented his death. But Adonis was re-born.  Tammuz was loved by Ishtar. The same romance can be further seen by Isis (Venus) and her love for Osiris. Adonis and Osiris can be shown to be the equivalents of the Latin Mars. So Tammuz was Mars and this is another version in the all-pervasive love story of Venus and Mars.

These myths are characterized by the Martian God suffering from old age or ugliness or a deformity or disease then transforming into a handsome youth after his union with Venus.  Mars was positioned between Venus and the Earth. Mars descended and ascended up and down the polar axis. When he descended towards Earth it was the coming of the Great God. This happened repeatedly and so myth and religion have a belief that he will “come again”.

When Mars ascended, the planet took a position under Venus. This is where the Mars and Venus legends originate. Being electrical charged bodies  Mars was seen to interact sexually with Venus. (Mars had plasma discharges due to being the smaller orb and comng into a more highly charged area). Entering the “Lap of Mary” Mars was reenergized and was seen to be born again as a beautiful youth without any of his old maladies.

Ishtar (Venus) was said to fill the sky with her pure blaze. Being a hot active planet situated under the Father God Saturn it emanated streamers. Sometimes known as the 8-rayed star the number varied. 4 rays were also common. These were known as the 4 winds or 4 pillars or 4 rivers or 4 lightnings – in Navajo belief. When the charge increased it took on a whirling or swastika or wheel like appearance. Situated on top of the world mountain or tree of life or a rope or ladder these emanations of Venus formed a cross pattern known as the Holy Cross and was looked upon as the area where Mars ascended to when he died and was resurrected. Odin the great Norse God wounded himself with his own spear and hung himself for 9 days on the cosmic tree Yggdrasil. Then his youth was renewed.

Krishna was also the son of god, second person of a trinity, sent from heaven to be the savior, died, descended into Hades and was resurrected.

So Jesus was given traits of the Mars god who was the son of the father Saturn. When Mars was in front of Venus it was positioned on a(celestial) cross where he as the son of god was seen to die and be born again. Mars was animated by the electrical charge of Venus. Jesus never died on a cross because dying on a cross and being wounded by a spear are global mythical themes of Mars. Just like walking on water and spending 3 days in Hades. Hades was a visible area in the sky under Saturn’s abode or heaven. The wound is the same thing as the great scar on Mars (Native American God Scarface) which is the Valles Marineris and could be seen because Mars was in close proximity to Earth. The Grand Canyon and the Valles Marineris (which is about 4 times as big) were both created by an electrical discharge which is symbolized in myth as a spear or arrow or hammer or thunderbolt. Water as a causation agent for the Grand Canyon is totally inadequate. The Valles Marineris on Mars is also the Mark of Cain.

Adam and Eve is another version of Mars and Venus with the Tree of Life symbolizing the Axis Mundi. The Serpent was the intertwining current on this “stellar ray” and the Golden apples were areas of intense light or plasmoids. This was the prototype of the Christmas tree. The Axis Mundi was also referred to as The Way or The Milky Way because of it’s blazing (arc mode) white color. The term was later borrowed by astronomers to name our galaxy.

Saturn was known for his cosmic ocean. These were the waters located above the firmament or expanse as told in Genesis and countless other myths. Mars was seen to enter these waters and a baptism or renewal took place.

The Native Americans have their own versions with Star Woman or Star Maiden as Venus. And White Hawk or White Buffalo or Falling Star as Mars.

The Martian gods climb the ladder or the rope and enter heaven. Or they come down to Earth and are seen as a savior but also due to their unpredictable behavior are seen as trickster gods such as Loki or Coyote or devilish incarnations such as Satan or Lucifer. This configuration of planets is responsible for myth, ritual and dare I say all the major religions.