America has been picking on smaller nations for quite awhile.
This time it will be Russia, China, Venezuela, Turkey, Iran, Syria and North Korea against The USA, UK, Israel and various allies.
But there’s just one thing. It is all a show.
All the leaders have the same boss.
Behind the scenes it is all one big happy family where everyone jokes about how the masses are so stupid to believe them.
Everything is all planned out beforehand.
There are going to be reasons given in the media for escalating tensions.
But it is all to fool the public.
The real reasons for wars is simple.
Depopulation as well as land and power grabs.
Presidents are just actors like any other politician.
They play a role to get fame and more privilege and favor with the real power elite.
The script for WW3 is to put America at a third world status.
When the tsunamis and earthquakes start rolling you will know that war is also eminent.
The freezing weather in February 2019 will be a prequel to other manufactured natural disasters.
An EMP will occur.
There will be a blackout and the loss of energy.
Food will gradually start to run low.
Martial Law will be declared.
Directed energy weapons will be used.
Foreign armies will invade.
The Allies of America will also suffer to some degree.
WW2 was a big scam. Hitler was from a privileged family with inside connections to the top.
So was the German Secret Service and the top military people.
WW1 was a big scam also.
Now the plan is to take down America.
The reason for the government shutdown is so politicians can leave before all hell breaks lose.
The Wall that everyone thinks is to keep immigrants out will be to keep Americans from fleeing south.
The military is there awaiting orders to cease all border crossings.
Instead the ones trying to escape will be placed in Fema Camps which will be providing free vaccinations and GMO food.
Police are being trained to block off escape routes.
Just like they did in Paradise, California when people tried to leave town in their cars.
Only the ones who 4-wheeled it through some private land were able to get out. The rest were sizzled.
The great civilization of Tartaria was wiped out in America in 1812 by energy weapons.
Even their existence has been concealed.
This time the controllers have the reasons for the downfall of America all ready to fill the history books.
The privilege of America will be a thing of the past.
People will be shocked and confused.
How can God allow this to happen?
America is supposed to be invincible.
Their dark side will surface and they will prey upon one another.
After the third world war amid the confusion a new order will be set up.
One that limits our freedom and extends the control of the elite.
Fallen Fallen is Babylon the Great!