We have been picking on smaller nations for quite awhile,  Now we are taking on Russia and China. And at the same time! But we will have our Nato Allies with us.

Why do I say it’s already started? It started against China when they accepted promissory notes of payment for their cheap (slave wage) products. And now that we are unable to pay due to our massive debt and China is past being patient there is conflict. We are trying to work out land deals but that is hard to implement.

It started with Russia when they decided that having the dollar as the reserve currency is totally unfair (since that means all nations have to buy dollars in order to conduct trade). For instance a nation can only buy oil if they have US dollars. And we are on the opposite sides in the conflict in Syria.

WWII started when we put sanctions on Japan’s ability to conduct trade. Being an island nation they were very dependent on foreign goods. The attack on Pearl Harbor was wanted by the US govt. in order to get popular support for the war. By the way we made sure our valuable aircraft carriers were moved to San Diego and only disposable ships were left at the naval base at Pearl Harbor Hawaii.  We hoped Japan would see how vulnerable our “Pacific Fleet” was and try to destroy it. Which they did.

Germany was at first an ally. American banks supported Hitler. He was also Time Magazine man of the year in 1937. Why the complete turn a round?  It was because Hitler made the deutsche mark independent of the control or influence of foreign banks. An autonomous and powerful Germany would have been the death knell for international bankers.

WWI started when we supported England in their attacks on German Sea Vessels. When Germany sank the Lusitania it was because they were protecting themselves from attacks from England with American made torpedoes and other weapons of war. The reason England wanted war was because Germany was surpassing them as the pre eminent European power. Same reason as WWII.


The Civil War was started in some board room in Europe where they made plans to divvy up America to France and England. It is little known that English forces congregated in Canada in preparation to invade from the North. And the French Army was stationed in Mexico ready to invade from the South after a weakened USA would be vulnerable due to fighting each other. But what happened was Russia seeing USA as a bastion of freedom intervened and sent warships  threatening to fight alongside the North if England or France invaded.

The Revolutionary War started when the colonies realized it would be a lot more profitable to produce their own currency (Colonial Script) and not have to use the Bank of England’s money. We won but only temporarily. The Federal Reserve is a subsidiary of the Bank of England.

Each side knows the consequences of a world war between superpowers in this high tech age.

There have been attacks on each side already. A military factory in China was destroyed by US laser satellite technology. Thus in retaliation a factory in Texas was exploded presumably from high tech weaponry from China. Now a US weapons depot in Japan has also been destroyed presumably by China. We are voyaging into disputed Ocean claimed by the Chinese. The Chinese have been navigating their ships in the Bering Strait next to Alaska. Missiles have also been shot over the US as signals of warning.

The more we wait the stronger Russia and China get and the less advantage we have. We have been encircling
Russia but they seem pretty confident that they can repulse invaders. Russia has flown fighter jets next to American ships.  A full scale war is still a little ways off. 2021 is a likely time. That means 5 years to prepare. Surely any war with Russia and China would not go well for us.

And now that less than 1% of the population grows their own food any stoppage of our transportation system would have dire consequences.

So you can see the real reason behind wars is not the popular version. IT IS MONEY! (And land which equals money and power). Money is the real god of people!