The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum on the island of Malta
Is carved out of the subterranean rock

It is built with incredible acoustic capabilities
Reverberating in a rhythm similar to a heartbeat

At the Santa Lucija Hypogeum and the Xaghra Hypogeum
There are huge piles of bones
From the remains of many hundreds if not thousands of people

Traps to these underground temple areas became known to the public and were sealed off

Unsuspecting people were made to walk on a false floor
That gave way to a deep funnel shaped vertical tunnel
Their bones were broken and they were easy prey for the Deros

The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum has an alter room where sacrifices took place
The contorted wrists and fingers of skeletons of children
Are characteristic of a severely emotional death
That is purposely done for the extraction of adrenochrome

The piles of clean bones show that the flesh was consumed off them

An inscription to the god Molchomor otherwise known as Molech said

To the holy lord Baal Hammon
Baal is the same as Bel or Belus
Equivalent to the Hebrew El or Elohim
It means Lord or God

Hammon is the same as Amon
And is unequivocally the god Saturn
The correct rendering then is the holy lord god Saturn

A great sacrifice at night time
Is written in Latin as Sacrum Magnum Nocturnum

Breath for breath
Blood for blood
Life for life

This means the life energy that is emitted during a torturous death
Sustains the existence of other worldly beings

The ghastly remains of many thousands of sacrificed children as well as lambs
Have been unearthed at the precinct of Tanit in Carthage
And is written about by Greek and Latin writers
Who explicitly say that these sacrifices were conducted in honor of Kronos or Saturn

Tanit was Venus the daughter of Saturn

The emblem of Baal Hammon was a crescent with a disc

So more precisely Baal Hammon is Venus in front of Saturn
It is when in the former age Venus was electromagnetically drawn into juxtaposition with Saturn
That conjunction created a crescent

People are easier to control when their minds are kept in a box
At the same time they will feel safer and more comfortable

So most people do not want to know!