When you wear a mask you give your energy
To the transhumanism agenda
And you help create it

He who wears a mask becomes a complete change of personality
If it is accompanied with adequate ritualistic behavior
The mask becomes the embodiment of a particular belief

When you cover up and decrease your humanity
You become a target of otherworldly powers
Who want to steal your identity

They are no one but want to become someone

There are many doorways for spirits
If you call they will respond

If you seek guidance through psychic readings tarot cards or Ouija boards
If you are addicted to hard drugs such as Meth
They will hang around you
And assume some level of attachment or occupation

When people devote a whole ceremony to the summoning of spirits
Intentionally feeding them negative energy through sacrifice
They will become infected

An offering of negative energy for personal power
Can start with one person
Who will spread the spiritual influence to their family
Then to a whole tribe

And that is exactly what happened

The leaders of government academia industry medicine sports tech
Are members of that tribe!