Our DNA was secretly programmed into sequences
That cause particular alien genetic strands to be predominant

The creation account in Genesis is the creation of the matrix
The matrix is a computer generated dream world designed to keep us under control

Low vibrational frequencies are being continually unleashed so that we will project them
Fractal sequences are being sent to us that our minds reprint
And vibrationally transmit into holograms

We are downloading someone elses information
And are running on that program

The 7 rings of Saturn was intentionally translated as 7 days
To hide the fact that the rings were newly formed at that time
El or Elohim was translated as God or the Lord to hide the fact it was Saturn

The rings are a manipulated vibrational tone
Which emit encoded information encased in photons
That penetrate our DNA

The frequencies stimulate the brain visual center
Which is where we construct our holographic reality

Our outer world is an inner world
Our external reality is what we are extrapolating internally

Our DNA was tweaked to tune into the distorted pulsating patterns
And our inner antennae became altered to receive those transmissions

When we unplug from the matrix
We unplug from Saturns manipulated and modified frequencies
And connect to other heavenly bodies particularly the sun

Saturn was originally our source of life giving plasma
Interdimensionally transported to our realm

Saturn became Satan
And Santa is an anagram of Satan

We are in an interactive virtual reality game
In which a hacked reality is sent to us

As we continue to believe it
We empower the matrix!