The negative faction of reptilians have been driven out of 4d
And now that the truth vibration is proliferating at a rapid rate
They are being cornered and expelled from 3d

They are holding out as long as they can
And are trying to transverse through wormholes
Which is the real purpose of CERN

Reptilians have terraformed our habitat
And have genetically altered our bodies and thus our souls

Together with insectoid beings they have manipulated us through deceit and violated the Law of Consent
Insectoids run the neuro linguistic mind control scripts

Insectoids do not express individuality and cannot embed emotion
They are super smart but very robotic

They are preprogrammed into the hive mind complex
Which they are trying to replicate with humans

They want to link all humans to their AI system like a bar code in a store
The agenda is to erase human emotion and all activation which evokes it
They want to reengineer humans without the embedded emotional content

True love is a higher emotion with great power
It is the most powerful force in the multiverse
And cannot be syphoned off and consumed by etheric parasitical entities

Antarctica is where their local substation is located
That interfaces with a rogue astral realm

The meaning of Antarctica is
Ant = the mantis insectoid
Arc = archons
Ica means place of

Archons were the name of the plasma streams around the arch between the 2 celestial pillars
The same as the Arc of the Covenant and the rainbow sign to Noah in Genesis

It is the Frost Bridge of Thor and the Frost Giants
And also the Blue Rainbow Bridge that ignites illumination

Thor is Mars and the Frost giants are other celestial orbs
Mars was the gatekeeper of the portal that led to other dimensional realities

The appearance of the arch is a sign of a wide range of intense activation of genetic key holders
By the Holy Spirit which is the cosmic plasma life force

When the Day of the Harvest comes artificial DNA will not hold
The celestial plasma will separate the wheat from the tares
And the tares will be burned with fire

During this time ascension codes with highly specific personal ciphers will be activated
Consciousness will be altered and the ability to process data streams will increase

Neurotransmission of chemicals will be triggered and will cause brain rewiring
Spiritual downloads will cause profound self realization and epiphany

Unconditional love and compassion will take hold
All life will be treated with respect

The thought of eating an animal will not cross a persons mind
Or killing a whale or penguin for their DMT will be considered lunacy

Awareness will be fully in the present
There will be no need for judgement through personal filters

Physical disorientation will be balanced by a range of high bliss states and awareness of unity
Tri waves will result in a heart centered life style and will heal the entire body

The time to prepare and be ready for the upcoming changes is now!