Sound waves with vibrational thought patterns
Speak to you beyond the realm of your understanding

People with paradisical DNA codes are targeted
To keep them in a lower vibrational resonance

Every word spoken or unspoken has a sound frequency vibration
Books with spiritual truth can be written in witch language
And are forms of mind control

We get the word media from the goddess Medea
She was a sorceress who could cast spells
And get people to adorn a poison robe

Big Brother wants to control you
When you tune into hidden and not so hidden incantations
It has a hypnotic effect on your subconscious

You bring into your reality what you resonate with
Your existence is a mirror image of your consciousness

What you read what you watch what you listen to what video games you play
Becomes a part of your frequency and you vibrate it into your reality

When you direct your own thoughts and emotions
You break the spell and achieve a creator mind

The continual focus on money
Moves you away from the heart structure

Bluetooth headphones produce nasty square waves
That create holes in your aura
And open you up to unwanted negative influences

The unbridled consumption of coffee
Puts your brain in alpha mode
Which is the state you are most easily controlled

Egos are programs
That trap you into a negative outcome

We all have programs to delete
And new ones we should install

Visual a new you and the reality you want
Put new codes into your computer self

Feel it and project it
The new frequencies have to be more powerful
Than the old ones in order to override them

Give gratitude to all that you have experienced
You cannot appreciate the positive without knowing the negative

And you will imprint a new geometric life pattern
Into the quantum field!