Juno was the wife of Jupiter
She was a stately beauty
Who had fits of jealous rage

As the planets were magnetically drawn to the north celestial pole
And hovered ominously above at close quarters
They were depicted as Gods with human traits
Who would take care of their human children

Do we not pray
Our Father who art in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread

The daily bread was the manna or energetic plasma
That sustained life in the dark mist of an apocalypse

Jesus said he would be with us until the end of the age
But as the polar charge subsided they planets drifted away
Along with the lesser orbs who were depicted as Sea Nymphs in the plasma ocean of Saturn

The Enneads were the Council of 9
New agers claim they are channeling 9 ascended masters or 9 white winged angelic beings
Or the Council of 9 is an alien board of advisors

Many of these new spiritual leaders are controlled opposition
They reveal a lot of spiritual truth in order to gain followers

Some are clones and some are the result of genetic hybridization in secret underground CIA labs
Such as at Dulce New Mexico

Apollo was supposedly channeling information in the previous age
He would allegedly give messages of the eternal gods to mere mortals
And give advice to men who did not understand the cunning manipulation of themselves by females

Do not let yourself be softened by a girl in tears
They school their eyes to weep on request
And have countless tricks to assault a lovers feelings

Do not explain yourself
Do not mention a womans faults
Why provoke her cause at your expense

Strength lies in silence
He who heaps reproaches on a girl
Is asking her to prove him wrong

Do not believe the love they profess
Do not credit the vows they swear
What is more deceptive than a womans words

Make sure your love does not warp your judgement
Do not reread the treasured letters of your seductive mistress

Remove her pictures
Why let silent portraits torment you

Do not let the memories of your sexual liaisons rub you raw
And do not let the passions that you enjoyed without prohibition reemerge

Love enters the mind through habit
And by habit is evicted!