Black magic sorcery is used by Baphomet cult members to steal energy
They use deceptive consciousness trap strategies
And enforce patriarchal domination to extend their control system

Reversal networks are put into ley lines
To harvest energy from the earths power centers
Which feeds the Baphomet Field
And lays the groundwork for lunar forces

The two primary access points are:
Temple Mount Jerusalem and Sarasota Florida

The reversed energy collapses the inner vertical channel
Inverting the heart complex into a Black Heart
So that the soul can be captured and easily processed
By an assortment of dark entities

Satanic sexual ritual abuse and blood sacrifice funnel energy
To ensure the further enslavement of the earths population

The dark spirits operate in a hierarchy
The more powerful a person is on earth
The more powerful the entity who is attached to him

When a person is getting their energy stolen
Their kundalini current of the spine gets reversed draining out below
This is called the Descending Serpent Flow
And means the soul energy or emotions and consciousness of the individual
Is being eaten and consumed by others

This violation of a person is considered acceptable
By Baphomet cult members
Who are addicted to sexual debauchery and materialism

The word Baphomet is divided into:
Baph which means baptism
And metic which means by fire and water

This has its origin in the former sky
When Mars ascended and was seen as weak or bald
Samson lost his strength when his hair was cut

After being immersed in the plasma lake of Saturn
Which was symbolized as fire and water
He was born again and renewed or reenergized
References to being baptized by fire and water are in the New Testament!