The Civil War is fiction and non fiction
There were pre arranged battles which many people shot and killed members of the opposing side

But the destruction of cities was not the result of the fake cannonball narrative
It was the result of hidden high technology and the manipulation of the physics of nature

The exploits of General Nathan Bedford Forrest are the result of imagination
His military genius to lead new volunteers through hidden byways to defeat union forces of superior strength
Is entertaining but not credible

His hand to hand combats always resulted in him coming out the victor
No matter if he was taking on 1 or 5 Yankees at a time

One story has him and his calvary riding their horses and jumping off a bridge in succession
To escape an overwhelming assault of a northern brigade

He was also the Grand Marshall of the Ku Klux Klan
Which was a Freemason construct

The story of John Wilkes Booth of how he snuck into Fords Theatre
Packing a gun a large knife and a big stick
While the Presidents personal guard was off drinking at a nearby tavern is also not plausible

John Wilkes Booth was a close relative of Mary Todd Lincoln
Willian Jefferson Clinton is a direct descendant of Jefferson Davis and Thomas Jefferson

Robert E Lee deliberately had his men walk straight into the gunfire at Gettysburg
We are being manipulated by the elite
All wars are manufactured by them for a ritual blood sacrifice

In my earlier years I was captivated by actual dreams of Civil War experiences
As a young boy I followed the Confederate Army to the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee

So in this life I went to visit the Shiloh battlefield
And the following night I had intense dreams of knowing many of the buried Confederate soldiers

Not only wars but other major events such as invisible deadly viruses flying around everywhere
Are all artificial constructs

We live in illusions within illusions
Which is inconceivable and incomprehensible to the gullible masses
Who take what they hear on TV as incontrovertible gospel

Open your mind and entertain the fact
That we are being lied to on a massive scale!