The Trapezium in Orion has the most celestial harmonics
And is the biggest stargate of the cosmos

The stars of Orion like all stars are embedded in the plasma sheath
The intense frequency of the plasma sheath is the demarcation zone
That separates our realm from other physical and spiritual realms

The electrical charge begins very close to our earth plane and extends for many hundreds of miles
Spacecraft need to exit and enter through portals such as the one at Orion

The Star Trek version of space with galaxies and billions of solar systems with inhabitable planets
Is mind control fiction

Stargate portals are longitudinal nodes of compression of toroidal array
The centripetal force of the vortex organizes the dance of the harmonics
Harmonics implode at the nodal points

Our flat and slightly concave earth is the center plane or middle extension of an octahedral double vortex
The vortex is a portal for souls who can hold a charge

The central or north polar vortex is the mythical Caduceus of Hermes
And operates with the phase conjugation of wave mechanics
That converts transverse waves into compressed superluminal scalar waves

Riders on the Storm such as Wynona Rider
Are able to escape the apocalyptic events at the end of a world age
By entering the vortex and going through the hole in the sky that opens up into another reality

The tetra flower of Venus or Flower of Life had 4 axes of tetra symmetry
With an exact phi ratio nodal structure

Star Mother or Venus had perfectly nested platonic octahedrons in the golden ratio
That enabled impulsion compression

Betelgeuse is the brightest star in Orion
In 2019 it started dimming
The portal in Orion is closing due to the onset of the new age

Al Uzza or El Jauza means the hand of the central one
El was Saturn and Uzza was Venus in the former age

The Hand of God is pictured with a star in its palm
It was the emanations of Saturn that magnetically drew in Venus

Betelgeuse was the stars of Saturn and Venus portrayed as the Hand of God
And the name was transferred to a star in the constellation now called Orion
Because the former configurations no longer exist

The figure 8 ladder vortex will again materialize for all to see
As more and more plasma enters in
It will become a stargate for interdimensional travelers!