The Wesak festival is celebrated during the Taurus full moon in May
It assimilates the compassionate energies of Buddha and Jesus

Buddha is the Silent Watcher
Jesus is the Absorbing Agent

Buddha was Saturn in the former era
Sitting motionless on top of his holy mountain or Axis Mundi

Jesus has been imbued with the characteristics of Mars
Who became one with the Father God Saturn
When it became stationed right in front
And became the Blessed Lamb

When Mars ascended a little more
The Gates of Heaven lit up and resembled horns
The Lamb then turned into a Goat and the Baphomet appeared

The Baphomet was also Lucifer who ascended above the Throne of God
This is the basis of the religion of the Freemasons

The fall of Lucifer and his Angels of Darkness
Was the descent of Mars and certain Saturnian moons

The father of Lucifer was Tubal Cain
Who was just Mars in an earlier expression

Tubal Cain was the god of strength
He exchanged his sword which was a plasma discharge for a plowshare

Cain slew Abel who was Mercury
Perseus or Mars was given the Golden Boots of Hermes or Mercury
And the Orcas Helmet of visibility

The Flaming Sword of Mars defeated the Medusa
Who was Venus in a highly energized discharging state

The Freemason religion is also witchcraft
Magic works because there is a spiritual realm
In their rituals they summon or conjure up spirits through incantations

This is more true with the higher level Freemasons or Illuminati
1776 was when the Illuminati was first organized
They are the modern Rosicrucians

The Wesak festival is part of the Illuminati plan to unite all religions

When Project Blue Beam goes live
Jesus will appear in the sky over here
And Buddha will be in the sky in the Far East!