Hells Canyon runs along the Snake River in Central Idaho
It is longer than the Grand Canyon and in some places deeper

The Nez Perce Indians claim they witnessed its creation

Coyote changed the 7 giants into the 7 Devil Mountains
Then he struck the earth and opened up a deep chasm

The 7 giants were evil monsters from the Blue Mountains
That troubled the children

Coyote is the trickster god that parallels other trickster gods such as Loki
Who was the fire from heaven which fell from the sky

Motseyoef is the Mars god of the Cheyenne who promised he would come back some day
Motseyoef is a great warrior and is painted red all over
After he suffered immolation he descended to earth down a long rope

He is the paramour of Star Woman and had the power to periodically rejuvenate himself

He is the same as the Pawnee Tirawa who presided over the Council of the Gods
Tirawa had the ability to become big and demanded of the people an offering of human sacrifice

The belief of a fallen star can be compared to the ladder descending Morning Star of the Zuni
The Aztec Quetzalcoatl and the Greek Phaethon

But most notably the Biblical Helel ben Shahar
Who is translated as Lucifer the Bright Morning Star

The Semetic Athtar or Attar ascended to the Mountain of Assembly in the north
To usurp the Throne of El above the circumpolar stars or Stars of Saturn
Then after being forcibly removed ruled over the underworld

The Pawnee believe when the time comes for this world age to end
It will be because of the Morning Star

The color of Coyote was red and he announced trouble

Coyote was Mars known for its red lustre
The 7 giants were other planetary gods gathered at the north celestial pole
During the cyclical apocryphal events

The 7 Devil Mountains are in Central Idaho
That arose in recent times from the magnetism of the depressurizing plasma influx

The Blue Mountains are in Eastern Oregon and of older origin

As Mars descended there was a charge differential and it struck the earth with an electrical discharge
The mega lightning created a deep chasm just like what happened at the Grand Canyon

Huge basalt columns can be witnessed alongside the Snake River
The result of high temperature magnetic filaments which drew them upwards

As ionization was completed they froze there in time
And remain as silent reminders of cataclysmic events

Involving the planet Mars
Drifting down toward the earth plane!