Be the pilot not the passenger

You project the mirror image
You transmit the reality within the reality
You construct and deconstruct frequencies

You are a powerful being within the matrix field
You hold god consciousness

You can shift with the heart structure
And locate your correct position within the quantum field
By the laser light of your pineal gland

Every person will receive the reality they have chosen
You reap your own belief systems

You choose timelines by shifting your resonance
Your experience depends on your fluctuation within the platform
You cannot reject the structure but can only mutate it

Every single thought is a vibration that influences your timeline

Tell yourself you get everything you want
That you are always at the right place at the right time
That things always work out in your favor
That what is meant for you never misses you
That the universe always allows luck to follow you

If your intent is to do good then you will create positive outcomes
But do not place conditions on when or how manifestations will occur

Be present with your emotions
Feel each emotion fully

Your emotions put powerful energy into the field
Realize your emotional shifting potential is almost limitless

You neutralize emotional pain
When you are no longer in resonance with the beliefs that triggered you
Give your pain what it needs to heal

Be aware of the crystalline transformation of your genetic code
And your photonic light gene expression

Create the frequencies that you need in order to progress
And move on to higher levels!