The Maya know Venus as Nohoch Ich
Which means The Great Eye

The Aborigines of Australia
Know Venus as Ringa Ringaroo
Which means Big Eye

The Egyptian Venus Innana
Brightened between the Gates of Heaven
And is quoted as saying
I am the Fiery Eye of Horus

The Sacred Eye is also the Raging Eye
And is depicted with a tail

This Daughter of Re
Is the Lady of Heaven
Who is Venus

Venus was positioned in front of
Or on the face or forehead of Saturn

When Mars was in front of Venus
It was the Apple of the Eye

The Eye Goddess is a popular motif
On amulets stelae and figurines

This All Seeing Eye
Is now a secret Masonic sign

And celebrities frequently cover up
One of their eyes
To show their allegiance

Hollywood icons and fashion models
Do it on magazine covers
And movie posters

Pop music stars do it on album covers
And in music videos

They sell their soul
In exchange for fame and fortune

The Eye of Horus
Is on capstone of the pyramid
On the back of the Dollar Bill

Money is
Mon eye
One eye

Money is the god in whom we trust

And it is named after Venus
Who in a former sky
Was the Goddess of the Eye!