In the movie Apocalypto
A tribe puts a crown of feathers
On a captive warrior
Calling for his sacrifice
Then ripping out his heart

When Mars had ascended in front of Venus
In the previous age
When the Assembly of God
Was gathered together in the North

Venus became the headdress or crown
Of the new king or the new born Lord
Who was Mars

This headband was also the Uraeus Serpent
It was turquoise colored

Venus was turquoise colored
And the green enclosure around it
Was the Garden of Eden

The celestial cross in front of Venus
Were 4 wavy streamers
This ethereal cross represented fire
But were plasma discharges

The Quin cross was also turquoise

Venus was seen as a 4 petaled flower
The flower was life giving or greenish
The Flower of Life
Or Rosette

This was also symbolized as
4 arrows of light
4 paths or roads
4 corners or quarters
4 celestial rivers emanating from a single source

The mythical drilling of fire
Was a discharge from Mars to Venus
Seen as a sexual act

This was the sacred marriage
Or hieros gamos

This was also the sacred fire

The sacred fire was symbolized by the fire
Kept at the Temple of Delphi in Greece
And the Temple of Vesta in Rome

The Aztec god Tecucizteatl burned in flames
But saved the world

Every 52 years Mars would start the descent to Earth
From its position in front of Venus and Saturn
This was the ripping out of the heart of God

As Mars passed through the lowest heaven
Toward the earth plane
He was seen as the resurrected Savior
The Great God who was fastened on the celestial cross
And reborn!