We are encoded by transmissions to transmit low vibrational emotional energy
That fuels the Reptilian Alliance
And helps to empower their system

The encoding transmissions are meant to confuse and manipulate us
Putting us into a false reality where we can be controlled

They need to keep using us as batteries
Or they will have no life here without us

Their traps of perception put us in a depressive anxious and fearful state
Strapping one with labels of self limiting identities

Bluebloods are ones that have copper based blood
99 percent of humanity has been degraded with iron based red blood

Bluebloods make up the elite
Such as Queen ELiz abeth or Lizard person
European bluebloods instigated their world takeover plans through the Romans

Shapeshifting is accomplished by these hybrids
From simply concentrating on the genetics they wish to appear

Many newscasters or spellcasters are of the elite
And sometimes they shapeshift on camera without realizing it

Earlier older societies were wiped out by cataclysms manufactured by the Reptilian alliance
Elongated skulls or coneheads were reptilian

Truth vibrations are a concern for reptilians
These particle waves will evolve with consciousness

One can resist for a lengthy time
Others want to cooperate

Timelines exist that do not have to be yours
They disconnect you from the NOW which is where your power is

Reptilians are highly advanced intellectually and technologically
But are not spiritually conscious

The Reptilian Net is an energetic dome shaped shield
That induces an artificial state of consciousness
And lulls us into a trance

We become indifferent to others which includes the animals we eat
Preventing us from ascending

But as people wake up the Net is becoming weaker
And the force that weakens it the most is love!