The Egyptian Horus means strong light
Hor means aura or light and us means strong
Horus was Mars

The English Mars was Jack
Jill was Venus

The hill was the central pyramid of blue light or axis mundi
The pale of water referred to the celestial sea of plasma

Jack falling down is the descent of Lucifer the light bearer
Breaking his crown is the discarding of the Crown of Glory
That he possessed in front of Venus

Jill came tumbling after is Venus following Mars down the northern axis

The Jack O Lantern was the strong light of Mars
Jack in the Box was Mars surrounded by his aura

Jack be nimble Jack be quick Jack jumping over the candlestick
Is Mars raising himself above the flaming axial pillar of god who was Saturn
It is Lucifer exalting himself above the Most High God

Jack and the Beanstalk is Mars going up the axis
The golden eggs he steals are the golden apples of the Tree of Life

Jack stealing the golden eggs
Is the same as Venus taking a bite of the apple on the Tree of Life
The Genesis story is the only one that blames it on the female

Another version of this fairy tale is Jack and the Giant Killer
The giant is Gog or Magog
Inhabitant of Albion which is the city of Saturn

A different variant is The Treasure of the Giant
The treasure is of course the gold

The French rendition is How the Dragon was Tricked
The dragon is the electrical current spiraling its way up the axis

The German account is The Devil with the 3 Golden Hairs
The hairs are yellowish filament projected from Mars as it nears the axis

The Norwegian edition is Hjuki Bil
Bil drew water from the well Byrgir

Humpty Dumpty is Saturn falling from his ancestral throne
When Zeus or Lucifer overthrew him
The egg is the aura of Saturn!