The truth is revealed covertly or symbolically in Science Fiction movies
Whose purpose is to get us thinking about them on an unconscious level
So that we give them energy and help bring them into existence

Our subconscious decodes the information as real
And our minds become deluded with information that puts us in an alternate reality

Do not watch the news
Be on the guard of what you let into your energetic field

Sol om on was the continual hum of Saturn

El is the Hebrew name for Saturn and the god of Genesis
It shows up at the end of words
Such as Israel Immanuel and Noel
The archangels Michael and Gabriel were the angelic orbs of Saturn

Seraph means those of the snake
The Seraphim such as Uriel and Raphiel were the orbs of Saturn close to the serpent
The serpent or snake was the spiraling zigzagging electric current on the Tree of Life

The Elysian Fields were near Demeter who was Saturn
Electrons are particles of energy formerly relegated to the beams from Saturn
Elucidate means throw light upon

El also shows up in the beginning of many words
Elections is when the naive masses approve the elite to rule over them
Elders of the church are elevated to priesthood

The Trojan War was a heavenly conflict of celestial orbs exchanging charge
The Cosmic Egg was the aura around Saturn vibrating at different frequencies and colors

The time is coming when the reptilians will no longer need their human counterparts
Who are the traitors to humanity that run the secret societies
They are the elite aristocracy and they are worried about being exposed

The Northern Lights were recently seen in 30 states
The time draweth nigh

The night sky is a prism
It is a projection of a dream within a dream

The moon is made up of brass and mica
That is why it rings

It has uranium 236 which is reprocessed uranium
And uranium 237 which is a byproduct of plutonium

It also has titanium and other refractory metals

Moon beams help keep most all of our DNA dormant
And unable to communicate with each other
Even though it has structured language

Because of the moon 98 percent of our DNA is unable to function
And is classified as junk DNA

Speak your mind
Be true to your word

Know the power of a face to face kiss
And the titillation of fingers with frequency

Know the pleasant excitement of the stroking of your hair
And the touching of lips upon your neck

Know the stimulation of a lover gently nibbling your ear
And the delightfulness of a tight embrace

As you stare deeply into their eyes
You are seduced with unsatiable desire

That can only be quenched
By the art of love making!