In Westminster Abbey in London
Beneath the throne and embedded in the floor is the Cosmati Pavement

It has circles with lines and swirls
And is representative of the past celestial order

The monarch becomes a Cosmo Creator
Observing the heavens while sitting on the throne

Coronation means embodying a cosmic consciousness
Becoming Gods representative on earth and having the divine right of kings
The ceremony of crowning always involves the Stone of Destiny

In Egypt the ankh is at the top of the Djed Pillar
Isis restores life in the presence of the ankh

The Mikado of Japan also sit upon a throne
They believe that the throne is the center point of creation

The Pope has a golden crucifix and an elongated crown
He wears a long scarlet robe as he sits on a throne while pretending he is holy

The rock that Jacob laid his head on
Then saw angels ascending and descending
Was the same as the Stone of Destiny

The Rock of Ages was Saturn
Jacob was Mars
And Jacobs ladder was the Axis Mundi

The angels were plasmoids of electrical charged energy on the axial column
The scarlet robe is the same as the long headdress of the tribal people

The golden crucifix is the same as the ankh upon the Djed Pilar
When the new era arrives it will be another golden age

The ankh shows the residence of Saturn
The circle of the ankh was the egg of the creator god

The elongated crown is from when Mars receded from Venus
The aura of Venus was the crown of Mars

Venus was situated behind Mars
And its emanation shined slightly above Mars

The womb of Venus was also the fiery lions den of Daniel
It was where Mars died and was resurrected

Cremation rituals in India have a bull on top
Saturn was the Bull of Heaven situated behind Venus

His horns were the outstretched terminals of the Axis Mundi
The horns when expanded became the wings of the sun disc

Petroglyphs are fake
They are to indoctrinate us into believing in a timeline of evolution
Into thinking that they were made by ancient primitive people

Vimana is ancient craft that made war upon the earth
They came with fire and destroyed our former civilizations

The pyramids were put out of use
Barges that used to go to the Great Pyramid from the Nile have been unearthed

We now have alien rulers but do not realize it
And we do not remember our former glory

Our history has been obscured
And we have no recollection of the ancient sky!