Mars was the far shooter of arrows

Down he strode
Wrath at hearth
Bearing on his shoulders his bow and quiver
He let fly a shaft
And terrible was the twang

The gods tremble before him
They spring up from their seats
When he draws near

Arrows were electrical discharges

In the former age
Mars ascended in front of Venus and was reborn
Then right after his birth
Assumed gargantuan proportions

Incandescent at birth
The Son of God descends from heaven
And takes on a brilliant red form

In the Rig Veda Rudra or Mars is the Lord
With the dazzling red shape
To whom we sing songs of praise

In the third chapter of Habakkuk in the Old Testament
Reseph or Mars was the attendant of Yahweh who was Saturn

The Central American Mars god Tezcatlipoca was born of a virgin
And reanimated as a warrior god wearing double heron feathers

The Vedic Mars god Indra was the mighty one who waxed immensely
Terrifying heaven and earth
He defeated the dragon by smiting it with his thunderbolt

When plasma flowed from Mars it was the blood of Christ

It was a time of celestial splendor
Venus had an unrivaled radiance
She was Sekhmet the Lady of Glorious Appearings

Her beauty was far famed
And of all her charms
Her hair was the loveliest

When she became the angry goddess
Venus became the Gorgon or Medusa with disheveled hair

Sekhmet whose streams are flames of fire
Was also Kali the Vedic star of chaos

The awe of me is in their hearts
When I shine my tempestuous radiance!