The jet of Enceladus
Is not a mega plume of water vapor
That is streaming from this moon of Saturn
Toward its primary

It is the directed electrical energy
That initiates the Saturn Moon Matrix
Enceladus is another fake moon

There is said to be a gamma ray burst supposedly to be coming from the far reaches of the universe
Directly towards earth

In reality it is an attempt to keep our world at a low vibration
It is an attempt to keep out the positive frequency
And stop the higher vibration that will disengage the negativity

There is also claimed to be a world killing asteroid the size of the Brooklyn Bridge
On a near miss trajectory to the earth
And that we are barely missing a world ending impact scenario

This is on par with remote controlled helicopters and land rovers on Mars
That are now sending post card pictures to us
Which are actually taken in remote areas of Greenland

Russia is allegedly fiercely guarding the north pole
Because the ice is melting

When the end of the era events start to occur
The north pole will be the place of safety

In the dense foggy atmosphere people will migrate instinctively in an exodus
Toward the pillar of fire by night and cloud by day
Which is the illuminated north celestial column

We will be energetically amplified or plasma possessed
As will the animals

We will regain our sense of oneness and unity
And communicate with our animal friends at a much higher level
The negative low vibrating action of consuming them will cease

At Plutos Gate in Turkey strong vapors are issuing from the ground
It is reminiscent of the plasma mist used in the rituals of the Oracle at Delphi

A massive subterranean ocean bigger than the 5 surface oceans is said to have been just discovered
The hollow earth has an incredible amount of water

Water being an electrical dipole will seep up from the ground as described in Genesis
As our world becomes more charged with the influx of plasma

The string of lights floating in the night sky
Is said to be a fleet of Starlink satellite trains providing internet service

It is a vast fleet of advanced craft
And they are not beaming down internet service!