The Seal of Solomon was a 6 sided star
It was a hexagon to help control the demons of the underworld as he built his temple

The demons got trapped in the lines of the sigil
So Solomon made the demons help him build the temple

A ring was given to Solomon for the same purpose of controlling the league of demons
Belzabull was a master demon or Prince of the Underworld

The Lesser Keys of Solomon is a magical handbook
The Clavicula Solomonic Regis or Lemegeton is the masculine and feminine energy that is a doorway to the spiritual realm

The Seal or 6 sided star was Venus in front of Saturn in the former age
When the planets hovered above close to the earth plane

Venus was the female energy that was so bright that people could lose their sight
If they looked at it too long

When Venus descended even closer to earth
People could become targets of electrical discharge and be metamorphosized

The Gorgon was Venus at high electrical charge
Electrical streamers created the appearance of snakes in her head
Do not look at the Gorgon
Was an axiom in the past Age of Celestial Wonders

The temple was a system of toroids created by the highly charged environment
The demons were orbs in the lower heavens
The ring was the circular Ouroboros around Saturn

The Sphinx was the guardian of the Temple of Solomon
The Sphinx at Giza did not suffer water damage
Water will not cut through stone
The lines on the damaged Sphinx is the result of high energy plasma discharge

The globe lie is the biggest and most fundamental lie imaginable
By turning the earth into a ball
All the outer lands have been conceptually erased from the minds of the masses

These lands have disappeared on all modern maps
There is nowhere for them to exist

The truth of our level and very expansive earth
Has been replaced by an out of control spinning globe in an unintelligible universe
The masses follow blindly toward the future manufactured for them

NASA has an unlimited budget for making rockets that end up in the ocean
And for making CGI cartoons

The Masons and the Church walk hand in hand with the deception!