Babylon was a stunningly elegant and aesthetically scenic place
It was a well watered paradise
With amazing fountains and gorgeous statues

It had tiers of beautiful gardens
And rectangular towers called ziggurats
Which provided free energy to all the citizens

Babylon was a fabulous city
Its buildings were exquisitely designed
And there were many temples with colossal figures adorning the top

It was a land of abundance and prosperity
The people were happy and content
There was no lack of any material comfort

The people were united
And there was compassion for all beings under all circumstances

Babylon was where the money system was first introduced
It created disparity
People became slaves to money and corruption set in

Outside influences took over
Who had given their souls to and were held sway by otherworldly forces
They initiated the practice of sacrifice and the consumption of animals

Babylon was overthrown in a day in the early 1600s by high tech weaponry

The ziggurats had giant stupas on their summit
The stupas were bell technology that vibrated healing frequencies like tuning forks

During WW1 and WW2 brass and copper Tartarian bells were confiscated and melted all over America and Europe
Others were cracked to ruin their vibrational quality

Imagine the stupas and bells ringing out in unison
They would not ring at the same time
But the outer smaller bells would answer the huge big bell in the town center

Imagine the healing sound waves encompassing the whole city
People would feel charmed and invigorated
Creating pleasant feelings and good vibes toward each other

What one feels on the inside
Will match their experience on the outside
When you feel you are loved that is what you will attract

The negativity we experience today is not who we are
We are an extension of Source energy

We interact with the Divine by positive feelings
Shift to what makes you feel better

Vibrate with the Divine
And like the bells
It will answer!