When you arrived in Lahaina in Maui
You felt a spiritual vibe right away

It was because of the stunning scenery
And the quiet and solitude of the setting

Maui has an intersection or vortex of ley lines at the Haleakala volcano
Infusing the island with an abundance of life force energy

Lahaina was the capital of Hawaii
And Hawaii was the center place of Lemuria
Tahitians came later after the downfall of Lemuria

They knew only peace
And had no kings armies or laws

When King Kamehameha was installed as the first king
The capital was moved to Honolulu
King Kamehameha was known as the serpent dragon ruler

The closest approach of Hurricane Dora was 565 miles from Hilo on the big island
Hurricane force winds were only 30 miles from its epicenter
And lesser winds were discharged up to 115 miles away

It was no threat but is blamed for downed power lines
And then the fires were blamed on the climate change hoax
The only reason for climate change is weather modification technology

Billionaire Larry Ellison owns over 2 dozen homes on Billionaire Beach in Malibu
He also owns the island of Lanai which is right by Maui
Lanai was closer to Hurricane Dora but was unaffected
His homes were also untouched by the Malibu fires

Lahaina has the most expensive real estate on Hawaii

There was no warning sirens
There was no flooding or rising surf
Lahaina was actually circled and residents were trapped by a ring of fire
Boats got burned way out in the harbor
How does that happen

People raced their cars to the ocean to save their lives
Jumping over the break wall as fast as they could
They stayed in the water for most of the night

Lahaina was nearly wiped out
Burnt bodies were everywhere

Like in Paradise California where the actual death toll was over 50000
But was intentionally trivialized
So too the real body count in Lahaina will be in the tens of thousands

The military set up roadblocks and has prevented people from bringing in food and supplies

The fake name of the Governor of Hawaii is Josh Green
He is the mouthpiece of the Green New Deal
Which is a new smart grid that will utilize AI as its governing authority

He espouses green energy which means only electrical vehicles will be allowed
Behind the green mask is the green agenda
Run by Evergreen which is a CIA operation

Meteorologists are just talking heads full of fake information
They are called meteorologists because they are as fake as meteors
And are used to cover up the real events of directed energy weaponry

Small drones with lasers strapped on them are the cause of the fires!