The reason why Iran and Iraq are of monumental importance to the elite
Is because they have low frequency portal gateways that descend into the inner earth

Basra in Iraq was once a gorgeous city with freshwater canals and fertile farmlands
But has been bombed into submission

Abadon Island just over the border in Iran
Had stargates which energetically linked to Orion

They were part of ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia
That were wiped out by weapons of force

Indigenous groups with past cultural memories were attacked
To hide the incredible history of advanced knowledge

Kantarians were teachers in Baghdad with azure hearts
That educated and uplifted the people
But are now prohibited

Baghdad was plumaged of historical relics and beautiful art
Advanced architecture was destroyed
And propagandist subterfuge installed

Mohenjo Daro in the Indus Valley has petrified radioactive skeletons in its streets
Sodom and Gomorrah was also reduced to ashes by high energy weaponry

White limestone encased pyramids and ziggurats are now vestiges and faint glimmers of their former glory

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a Grail Point for receiving transmissions from the Source Field
And for transmission into various ley lines

The Hatshepsut Temple in Egypt directly plugs into the 10d Trinity Gate
And was designed for humans locked into 3d and unable to sustain a higher passage

The Baphomet network is required to connect to the 10th stargate
Which has an artificial time wave

Because of plasma interference massive amounts of energetic loosh from the human population
Is being harvested and sent there
Currently it is being used as a priming node for transhumanism

The Essenes formerly guarded the 10th stargate with an azure blue flame genetic code
Which had the frequency bandwidth of the Holy Mother Goddess who was the sapphire Venus

Crystal cathedrals and Solomonic temples were for the harmonic expression
Of each platinum frequency in every level of the vibration spectrum

They sprouted Sophianic heart songs of the uni verse or one melody
The conglomeration of megalithic edifices is known as the Shara Complex

The Shara Complex promoted etherical feelings of joy
Which linked the thalamus gland to the thymus
Resulting in fantastic physical health
And an incredible array of higher sensory perceptions

It also made it impossible for one to believe lies
And be fooled by deceptive narratives

The sapphire ruby crystalline structure of the Divine Mother
Is now potently bearing down on the powerful artificial red waves being used for mind control
That has infiltered the base 10 architecture

The Luciferian Knights Templar otherwise known as the Brotherhood of the Snake
Have become the Guardians of the Horizontal

The horizontal refers to ley lines with reverse energy currents
which are linking our world to phantom matrices
Known as the Golden Eagle Matrix

The past electrical wars are being hidden and covered up
And is now called the Atlantean Conspiracy

Collectively we have the power
To change this artificial network of deception
And assume our rightful heritage!