Andara crystals are amazing
They have a very high frequency due to their composition
And have an energetic radiance of up to 500 feet

They contain etherium which is a combination of 70 minerals
Also gold silver iridium rhodium and platinum

This could not happen by chance
Andara crystals are the product of our highly advanced ancestors

They are found in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California
And in South Africa

Like Libyan Desert Glass
Andara crystals are the remains of crystal cathedrals

Which were built on intersecting ley lines
Such as the high energy vortex at Mount Shasta

They come in every shade of the rainbow
Such as Merlin Blue Seafoam Pink Ethereal Mist Celestial Sapphire and Electric Yellow

Andara crystals are monotomic
Which means their elements contain a single atom

They will activate DNA and psychic gifts
And will promote healing

They increase our intuition and telepathic abilities
And connect us to our higher divine self

Andara crystals will clear and protect our energy field
They will balance our emotions

People develop a personal association with them

Andara crystals are from a magical world which was in harmony with all life
Where all beings were valued and you were one with the cosmos

The remarkable design and geometrical shape of the crystal buildings had incredible life enhancing properties
The colors patterns and composition of the crystals danced with human thought

And you experienced your true soul!