Our bodies circulate energy
We are toroidal fields in a geometric configuration

We can draw up energy by going barefoot on natural areas
We draw down energy from the cosmos through our crown chakra

We can even download energy patterns from stones

Megalithic structures were built on ley lines
By touching them we can receive dragon plasma codes

The stones at Avebury England are especially energetic

We are also conductors of energy

We can impart our energy into the dragon ley lines
We can give energy back to the cosmos

We can be beacons of plasma light energy that heals others
Through our heart and by our hands

We can transmit the organic symmetrical geometry
Of the fractals of creation

Stars give energy
Clusters of stars give collective energy

The sky is a giant whirlwind of energy

The earth and sky are a unified field
That resonates at a spectrum of vibration

We live in a beautiful realm
A magical divine realm

A perfectly designed timepiece
With mathematics and fractals within its fabric

A geometric dance of the luminaries happens above our heads
Created by a higher consciousness

That subtly and gently steers our minds and souls

And we weave our energy into its dimensions!