We are under a blanket of fixed stars
That move in unison as one
Residing at about the same altitude

Embedded in the firmament that extends for maybe a few thousand miles
But which starts only about 70 miles above the earths surface

The Astrolabe and the Planisphere are both ancient technological instruments
That show the visible stars for every hour in every year

There are almost 10,000 stars visible to the naked eye
But less than half that at any one time

These measuring devices trace back to about 500 years
And were totally designed for observation on a flat earth medium

The zodiac can also be traced to a similar period
When former planetary themes were projected onto the starry sky

There are also luminaria mysterium clocks
That have days of 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds

Heaven was formerly seen as 7 circles
The 7 rings of Saturn created a high heaven a middle heaven and an underworld

The wandering stars were gathered in the northern realm as the Council of the Gods
Attracted to the highly magnetic Universal Axis

Each planet has their own prana plasma energy
Which is filtered down to our world
Producing a unique karmic pattern

And a specific geometry below the circular path of the stars

They are the looms
And our will is the weaver

Each person has a unique astrology chart
A different imprint of celestial patterns
Encoded on the day they were born

A blueprint of the soul

We have weak latent energies and strong energies

Astrology is a tool to swerve or ride out incoming energies
And to radiate our best octaves
By using the amplified energies of the luminaries

The sky is the engine room of our reality

Stars and planets are divine holographic fractals
They depict harmonic geometry

The wandering stars do a geometric dance
They have a retrograde motion

Stopping and revering direction
Then continuing forward again

High frequency sound waves morph into light
And produce soul luminescence

Like the Tibetan Sound Bowl
Which has a resonant frequency of 11 hertz
And mimics the language of a great star!