The Universe beckons us toward our destiny
Weaving a tapestry of patterns from limitless possibilities
And orchestrating events according to its divine plan

Playing a symphony where every instrument plays harmoniously
And every note resonates with order

Gently nudging us to witness the echoes and reflections
That dance through our lives

Humanity has been asleep
Devoid of her sacred songs

As white and silver sparkling plasma begins to pour out
From blooming blue crystal and rose plasma flowers
Frequency bands emanate with template correction

We become energetic receivers of musical transmissions
From universal subharmonic sound tones

In this magnetic peak
Edenic codes in aquiline crystal tri wave formation
Flow from Venusian sapphire diamond currents
Creating a positive energy field

Imagine a world where all your wishes come true
The universe will respond
It desires manifestation through us

Extraordinary occurrences that defy rational explanation
Are intertwined with our unique expression
Validating we are treading on our destined path

When we radiate kindness love and generosity
The universe resonates them back to us with clarity and certainty

When we vibrate at the frequency of our desired emotion
The door of our manifestation vault remains consistently open

And we can appreciate the present
As we move toward our desired future!