Black hole sun won’t you come
And wash away the rain

Black hole sun won’t you come
Won’t you come

The lyrics of a famous song by Soundgarden

In the former age the sun which was Saturn
Was eclipsed by a dragon

In the Rig Veda Surya was pierced through and through with darkness
By the serpent Svarbhanu

This is the serpent on the Tree of Life

Mars is the warrior hero who slays the dragon and frees the sun
In the Vedic creation story Indra slews Vritra who is blocking the source of creation
And filling the sun gods abode with darkness and chaos

The hero is often devoured by the dragon or water monster
Heracles was in the mouth of the water monster

In the Pacific Islands their Mars god is swallowed by a shark
Native Americans say a whale swallowed their god

This is the same event that inspired the story of Jonah and the whale in the Old Testament
Jonah is a personification of Mars

Being in the belly of the whale
Is the same as being in the womb of the Mother Goddess

Indra is concealed by his mother
Prior to his battle with Vritra
Which is the same as Moses being hid in the bulrushes by the Nile

The hero emerges victorious
And then enlarges in size as it descends toward the earth plane

To emulate this celestial memory
The sun is planned to be in darkness for 3 days

This will be achieved by the sun simulator
And maybe will occur at the onset of the flash of Comet Leonard
When it supposedly hits an asteroid

A comet hitting an asteroid was also the narrative
That terminated the fictitious dinosaurs

This is the cult religion and fake science that exists
Which the believers are brainwashed with

And keeps the initiates
From connecting with the Infinite!