Babylon besides being the recipient of Gods wrath in the Book of Revelation
Is also an actual place on the coast of Long Island in New York City

The historical Babylon is supposed to have been the worlds power for 70 years
Being the center of finance and commerce

On October 14-23 1952 the United Nations opened its doors in New York City
New York City has been the worlds financial and trade center ever since

Tomorrow which will be October 14 2022 will mark the 70th anniversary
Of the United Nations Building
This UN building has a Beast Statue in front of it

The Book of Revelation also says that God will punish the New Babylon
For deceiving the whole world with its sorcery

The word translated as sorcery is the Greek word pharmakeia
The spells that deceive the whole world is the Big Pharma vaccine

As war rhetoric heats up
To get us mentally conditioned for it
And to believe it is actually a real dispute between opposing forces
We expect it and project its reality into existence

The fake media is saying Russia has launched missile attacks
Against dozens of Ukranian cities

Look for blasts going off in major US cities between October 14 and October 23
Which will be blamed on Russia and Iran
The Biblical King of the North and King of the Medes

They will be the false flag event that sends America into a fake war

As this is happening Comet Leonard is supposed to collide with an asteroid
Sending fragments crashing to earth

This will be presented holographically by Project Blue Beam

Earthquakes volcanoes and tsunamis will be said to be the result
But in reality Russian Poseidon submarines will be strategically place offshore
And create tsunamis by high energy technology
This will happen on both east and west coastlines

Earthquakes and tsunamis will be ignited by direct energy weapons

Chaos will ensue as people try to get out
Highways will be full of cars

Paychecks pensions and social security will be no more
As the financial system is terminated

Russian Poseidon submarines were said to have left Russia last week

This might play out a lot differently
Or not even occur
But it has been in the works

Whatever happens keep your frequency as high as possible
Do not be in concordance with negative events
And you will keep them from your life experience

Maybe awareness is preventing it from manifesting
Or positive energy will keep the outcome to a minimal

Together as a unified whole
We have the power to create our own reality!