Witches are believed to raise storms by unbridling their hair
So to Venus was the storm raiser extraordinaire

She flew through the skies eclipsing the former sun
Her kind and gracious aspect is exchanged for a dark and dreadful one

This is best understood as a vestige of the terrifying behavior of the Venus comet apparition
The Great Eye Goddess or Eye of Ra becomes the Mourning Goddess looking in the underworld for her lost lover Adonis
She becomes red and causes destruction

Hecate the Goddess of the Crossroads took on an appearance with a hair of serpents
The Crossroads is the Cross which Mars the Son of God alighted upon

The charge of Mars waned and he seemed to die but then was born again and resurrected
It was the night of the dear Saviors birth
Can you hear the angels voices
Oh night divine

The Mother of God became the Witch Goddess flying about at night with a train of souls
And was the originator of all that was ghostly
The train of souls were the ghosts of suicides and those who had died a violent death

Venus in her dark aspect is also Kali the blood drinker
The blood is charged plasma that was the result of electrical discharges
Instead of disembodied souls Kali was accompanied by ghoulish beings

The Enchantress spent time near a water spring
Which was the north celestial pole

As the magnetic potential increased because of high amounts of plasma infiltration
The highly charged planets were attracted to the magical mystical pole or universal column
And became the Assembly of God

Now as our present world connects to higher plasma frequencies
The negative platform will collapse
Healing will ensue

Hidden technologies such as free energy will rise to the surface
And we will once again shine like the stars!